God’s generous gifts

Well, I successfully leaned through another weekend, a few more days, a few more tears, and a few more chuckles.  God has been answering my newest thoughts and ideas one by one and tucking stray dreams into place.  It’s amazing to me how intimate He is.

One example: I have been flipping the final pages of my current journal.  it seems like such a silly thing to even risk telling someone but, I confess, I’ve been stressing about this!! I need to buy a new one a. should I buy it now and have to move 2 notebooks? 2. should I wait until I get to WA, but what if I completely finish this one before I get there c. since I love to journal and write should I buy a nice expensive one – leather maybe? d. should I just be cheap and use the remainder of one of the notebooks lying around the house?  e. should I try doing it all on the computer?


But Yes, these thoughts can steal my sleep at night!  Well guess what.  I hadn’t bought one as of this morning and was actually perusing the journal wall at Barnes and Noble on my break.  Right after I came back from break our newest member to the BN Cafe stopped by to bring me a little going away gift.  There was no call for this period!  Amanda and I have only known each other about 3 weeks and maybe worked 5 shifts together -but she bought me a gift!!  And guess what!?

As per a few casual conversations, she remembered how much I love writing and the type of journal I have used in the past.  She gave me the most perfect notebook journal with pockets, 3×5 cards for my scripture memory verses, it’s a beautiful green-blue ‘abby’ color and 5 nice ballpoint pens!! Can you believe it!!

It’s God very gently and generously telling me, “You shouldn’t be wasting your energy on this.  These are not the beautiful, worshipful, Christ-centered thoughts that I desire to fill your mind. Let it go now.”

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