reading outside the ‘box’

I just finished my first ‘not me!’ book.  I picked it up randomly at BN from a Sale Table.  The title was “Grace Eventually -Thoughts on Faith” by Anne Lamott.  For a Christian, ‘faith’ is a buzz word.  I glanced at the teaser and it seemed like Anne had a different relationship with Christ than I have, but I felt compelled to read her perspective.

Her picture on the back cover looked kind-of hippy.  Matted hair, starry eyes and a white, linen shirt.  Hmm.. I decided to try it.  Then, when I wanted desperately to put her controversial, liberal opinion in the toilet, forced myself to finish the book. 

In between her vicious rants at Bush, her loud pro-choice expositions, her broad ‘mother earth’ perspective, and quotations from the Buddha – she had some profound comments.  The kind that are so simple they are profound.  She had a witty chapter on her own body image as she got older and how teaching a dance class for the mentally impaired challenged her self pity.  I loved her writing style when she imagined how her heart might look if it was a garden, “in bloom with roses and wrinkly Indian poppies and wild flowers.  There would be two unmarked tracts of scorched earth, and scattered headstones covered with weeds and ivy and moss, a functioning compost pile, great tangles of black-berry bushes and some piles of trash I’ve been meaning to haul away for years.”

Anne used her pages to tell stories about her years as a raging alcoholic, her drug trips, and her ‘several’ abortions.  Then, one flip later she spoke lovingly and relationally about Jesus Christ.  It challenged me and had brought up again my thoughts concerning the difference between a believer and a disciple.  Can a person be one and not the other?

The thought recurred as I listened to Obama’s interview at Saddleback Church.  Can he truly be a Christian, as he claims, and fight for and hold to the world view that he lives out?

Personally, I think not.  I don’t think Jesus compromises His commandments, His laws, His word in order to be our loving Savior.


One thought on “reading outside the ‘box’

  1. I believe that truth is absolute. We have one God and His word is our truth. You can’t spin it to fit with what you want…although the world is so upside down now, that absolute truth is thought to be out dated (so says Pete’s ethics professor!!!!)

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