Here or there…

A typical wintery day in Washington.  The air looks cold: blue, shimmering with not-quite rain, dark before 4:30 p.m. and generally soggy.  Goodness I love it here.  Headed to Virginia I am truly starting to see this as a winsome adventure.  But today I felt a million more pangs of loss at leaving our home.

I spent the morning alone, in my prayer chair.  I sat staring out the window into our back balcony.  Towering trees, safe in the watershed area behind our house, tossed their tops in the cold wind.  Travis Cottrell sang worship songs over my Ipod behind me and my cozy puppy dozed in the chair behind me.  I love spending an hour or more in the morning in my own little prayer corner.  Sitting there I seem more alert to what God says.  I know He’s omniscient but I think He’s partial to this frequent meeting place.  I am praying to have a prayer corner in our new home.

Dana I frittered our afternoon together.  Just the two of us, diving in and out of the rain looking for unique Christmas gifts.  Actually, that was my excuse, I just went to be with her!

One thing I hope is different in our new home: Patrick isn’t home yet.  I had planned on tacos for dinner but here it is 10 till 10 and no word from him.  That’s one thing I won’t miss, if it’s any different in VA.  Maybe outside of command, he’ll get to come home at a reasonable hour.  Sometimes, it doesn’t feel any different that when he’s deployed.



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