Puppy love

I thought boys were made of “snips, snails and puppy dog tails.”

However, I think there is something very organic between my puppy and me.  I am so totally, ridiculously in love with him and I will sacrifice nearly anything for his happiness.  Sad, right?

I was planning to attend the bookfair portion of a writer’s conference in D.C. tomorrow. I  would have most benefited from the conference itself, but I wasn’t ready to pay $300 for it and I didn’t learn about it until too late anyway.  So, I was going to go tomorrow, but poor Brave hasn’t gotten out to play hard since Wednesday – 2 days I know.  Every time I leave the house he starts waiting at the front door while I put on my shoes and coat.  His upward, curly tail bends backwards down between his legs and he rolls his patten, puppy eyes in the saddest of expressions. Sometimes he even starts talking to me in pathetic whimpers.

So, tomorrow I don’t have to go anywhere.  Sunday after church we are going to a Superbowl party, I volunteer on Monday and have an obligation in the morning.  Tuesday, I need to write and have a writer’s group at night and Bible study on Wednesday, probably the commissary on Thursday and I volunteer again Friday – poor puppy – he needs a day devoted to him.  Soooo…. tomorrow!

I hope it doesn’t rain.  Otherwise, I’ll probably take him anyway.  We’ll pile back in the car in muddy heaps and go bathe at the Just Fur Pets.

Patrick is going running with Team Z tomorrow!  Yeah! He hasn’t gotten to do many workouts with them.


One thought on “Puppy love

  1. Hey Abby (me from essay class),
    You may want to keep it in mind, but many conferences need volunteers. It’s a way to be involved (work), but still get to meet other writers. I knew people who did this in Texas and they loved it. Good luck finding a day for the dog!

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