Set My Mind on the Spirit, Lord

Satan is so intent on distracting me from my purpose and life in Christ.  On Thursday it was writing, on Friday it was exercise, on Saturday it was money, on Sunday it was money… again.  Always something that takes my mind off the things of the Spirit and casts it into an aggravated abyss of frustration, whirling thoughts, indecision, fear and hopelessness.

My mind is like a rusty mouse trap, slapped down the carcass of a thought.  It give a whole new meaning to the phrase, “beat a dead horse.”  And then, set as such on the flesh, (Romans 8:7) I become a living dead.  Old thoughts that have been worn out and re-thought a million times, will never produce truth – they will never result in a life-giving conclusion.

I am afraid that I do not fear God.  I once did.  I once reverenced and feared Him more than my own life-sustaining attempts.  A few years ago I remember an awing feeling that it was scarier to go against His plan for my exercise than it was to skip a day.  His unlimited power is such that He can slay me.  If in the next 30 seconds He wanted me to weigh 200 lbs., have a broken ankle and arm and lose all my hair and sight, it would be done.  Who do I think I am?

And honestly, all my exercise is useless – trying to resuscitate a dead body.  BUT, if my mind is set on the Spirit and Christ lives in me, then He will inflate even my physical body with life.

Oh Savior, I want life.  I want my mind to be firmly set on Christ Jesus.  How?  Holy Spirit, as you intercede, will you convey how ignorant I am as to how to do this?  I am fighting against death.  Oh Conquerer!  Save me from this body of death.

I trust all your goodness God.  I praise the Lord because He has answered me.  I write praises because He is worthy that they be written for all time and all generations.


There is no doctor, trainer or prescription that will give me the eternal, simple answer for my body’s needs.  Only the word of God.  Perhaps the reason God did not address physical exercise in the Bible (believe I’ve looked for the plain-jane answers!) is not so that I would desperately seek other answers, but because it has no inate value to Him and is not required for life and godliness.  (2 Peter 1:3)

There is terrible danger in following one’s own passions.  2 Peter 2:9

We talk about superfoods for our health.  I focus on increasing the essentials in diet and exercise – strength, interval training, etc.  The super-things that must be increasing for life are virtue, faith, knowledge, self-control, steadfastness, godliness, brotherly affection, love.

Anyone who know me well, knows that I struggle with exercise.  It is not the sort of struggle that is highlighted on The Biggest Loser and it doesn’t contribute to the obesity epidemic.  It does play a significant roll in the ever growing number of eating disorders among all ages and both genders.  Exercise addiction.

As an addiction, I doubt that it will ever cease to tantalize me.  Often at night it lingers on the edges of my consciousness.  After a Sunday, my day of rest from routine workouts, it clambers loudly, “Hey, get back on track!  You might double up today if you know what’s good for you!”

Christ declared my freedom, 23 years ago, long before I began my battle with exercise addiction.  He said that

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