I should be working on something fiction-y, something I don’t do very well.  I have challenged myself to enter a fiction contest just to see if I can do it.  What’s the worst that can happen?  They’ll simply not respond at all, toss over the slush pile and into the “and she thinks she’s a writer” pile.  I’ll live, mainly because I won’t really know what happened.

Today I attended a meeting of the NoVa Writer’s Group.  They meet once a month at various libraries in northern Virginia.  I can’t decide if I am encouraged or intimidated.  There were about 15 people there.  After a very organized portion of the meeting including recaps, membership dues, contest information and educational opportunities we finished the meeting by allowing several members to read from their work.  Wow.

I heard flash fiction, screenplays, memoir, poetry and portions of a gentleman’s novel.  At the very end, several of the member/authors had their books available for purchase.  A few women mentioned that their books are available on Amazon for Kindle!  Will I ever get there?

My must do and should do’s are out-doing me again.  I am making all of my loves into stress fractures.  And I know from the bottom of my heart, and I’ve said this 100 times, my heavenly Father is the one getting slighted the most.  Consequently everything, and I mean EVERYTHING suffers in proportion to my distraction from Him.

He is so good, though, He continues to bless me.

We had such a warm, lovely, crazy windy day today.  I felt like I was home in tornado alley.

Brave and I made a run to the dog park and were thrilled to find our best friends had just arrived as well.

I am actually looking in the mirror and loving my body, it’s almost scary.

Patrick is putting together the guest bed – in preparation for Rachelle’s arrival in March!

Tomorrow is Sunday, a chance to worship and sing and get back on track.

Tonight we are going to watch Prison Break, just hubby, pets and me and we have the windows open!

I managed to stay on budget all week-long.  Budgeting, that’s another story.

I’ve been trusted with the role of editor for the South Run RECenter’s newsletter!

I learned a ton at the writer’s group.  I have ideas and assignments, a new writing partner and a place to write.

Now, I just need to release the pressure to perform and enjoy the process.

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