Walk away.

Walk away.  I can hear someone encouraging a helpless drunk.  He stands outside his old saloon, his future hanging in the air like his breath dangling in frost.

Walk away.  So tempted.  That open magazine – like glutton’s candy. Glossy, nearly naked, buff bikinis, sultry smiles, lean legs, beckon me. Just one more look.  “We will solve your problems, just do what we say.  Do what we do, you will look like us.”

Returning to a focus on God’s laws and demands for obedience and solidarity will not banished the sin of idolatry of exercise.  It only serves to cause me to sneak around and feel guilty.  Much like intuitive eating: focusing on the rules I am breaking does not cause me to do better tomorrow.  It is in accepting my complete freedom from and for the pretzels, ice cream, my complete freedom from sin and idolatry in Christ – then I can smoothly walk on peace.  Col 2

“Abby, hush.  I made this mind.  I am sorry it is sick. That’s not what I wanted for you.  But, hush.  I sent Jesus, remember?  You are not sick anymore.  It felt funny for the crippled boy with his withered hand to first pick up an apple, his favorite food, that did not mean he was any less healed.  The blind beggars had to go find new employment.  They didn’t know what to do, especially those blind from birth.  But newness enables, demands change.  You cannot do what you’ve always done and expect different results.  Loved one, trust me.”

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