“I do.” Do you really?

Last week Prince William and Katherine tied the knot.  I am one of the insensitive, sleepy slobs who slept right through it.  That doesn’t mean that I was immune to the endless hours of obsessive media marveling.  The poor couple (they knew it would be this way) has been analyzed, digested, critiqued, commended and criticized.

I don’t know if Catholic or British marriage vows are typically different from the standard lines repeated in a Protestant wedding in the United States.  However, the vows that Prince William and Katherine exchanged were unique.  I particularly loved the William’s promise to, “with my body, I honor thee.”

I am sure that he spoke with the utmost sincerity, as most brides and grooms do on their wedding day.  I pray that his integrity and commitment see him through the challenges of marriage until death parts them.

It is difficult to find up-to-date statistics about the divorce rate in either the U.S. or the U.K.  Nearly every site I checked offered different numbers, with data only as current as 2009.  The common belief is that 50% of marriages end in divorce.  With slight variations, all my sources agreed that 50% isn’t far off.

Our commitment to vows said at the alter is directly indicative of the value we place on our word, honesty and the truth as a society.  How can we honestly preach to our children, “Tell the truth!” when half of generations X and Y can expect to see their parents disregard their most sacred promise when they just aren’t happy anymore?

2 thoughts on ““I do.” Do you really?

  1. The vows of Prince William and his bride were those of the Church of England. It is the official church of that country.

    You made some interesting comments.

    1. Thanks! I really was curious.
      How are you doing?
      Please, give me your feedback, advice or comments here anytime! Love you!

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