The Big Plan

Everyone benefits from being organized, right?  I’m a neat-freak, but I never feel very confident about my organization skills.  To be honest, that’s one of my OCD traits – how to perfectly arrange, store, categorize and schedule everything.  I’m starting small, and for my readers’ benefit, I’m going to lay out a general schedule for this blog.  Now you know what you’re getting and when.

On Monday – Mixed Media Messages (lies we internalize from magazines,
commercials, images, internet, etc)

Tuesday – Tell the Truth Tuesday (As a Christian, I want to use this day to highlight a Biblical truth that will encourage you. Often I will be sharing what I am learning in my personal Bible study.

Wednesday – We Lie Too (I will ask you what lies you find slipping out.  How did these lies impact your relationships, emotions, etc.)

Thursday – Marriage Matters (Lies corrupt marriages.  Let’s talk about  miscommunication between spouse i.e. financial lies, fidelity, etc.)

Friday – Inherited Familial Lies (Lies that we learned from our parents or are in danger of passing onto our children such as gender roles, body image  issues, perfectionism, etc.)

I look forward to your comments and participation.  Stay tuned for book giveaways and other random surprises!  We can’t be serious all the time!

10 thoughts on “The Big Plan

    1. I love you too, Dearest Friend! My prayer day for you is Wednesday, so be encouraged. I can feel your prayers, thank you!!
      How are you doing? Should I check your blog for pictures of you?

      1. Yeah…you can check the blog or facebook. Doing so well! I want to talk to soon…had the most incredible experience at this retreat I went to. I love you, friend!

    1. Hi Beth K!!!
      Happy Mother’s Day little late!! Keep an eye on your mailbox. OH, and I will try to call soon to find out the status of your possible move. Wish you were coming out here!

  1. Thank you, that was an impromptu picture of myself – I’m not very good at positioning the camera – I’m sliding out of the frame (:

    1. Hi!! Thanks. I haven’t been to your blog in a while – have you been writing?
      I can’t wait to see you this summer. I love you, Sister!!!

    1. Thanks, Margo! I am so excited, and the resources you recommend are wonderful. I’m learning so much, it has potential to be overwhelming.

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