Too Much Truth

Is there any such thing as too much truth?

One of my best friends recently found the courage to tell me something that had the potential to demolish our relationship.

There is an issue that we have generally agreed to disagree about, but in friendly terms.  Usually, we hang out and this issue never even rises to the surface.  However, each of us takes our stand very firmly and is unlikely to be swayed either way.  We have had educated discussions and respectful dialogue.  From the very beginning my friend has respected me and my faith and never been confrontational.

I had no idea that my friend had been cogitating on her opinion for several weeks.  She was dissatisfied with the remaining ambiguity in her mind.  When she came to her conclusion, we were farther apart in our beliefs about God than ever before.  Last week we spent a fun morning together combing the interesting, fluffy shops along the waterfront of National Harbor.  Just as we were parting, she paused, lowered her voice and said, “I have to tell you something.  I’m not sure how you’ll take it, but I believe our friendship deserves this level of honesty.  I have decided to become an atheist.”

I believe that Jesus Christ is the one and only begotten Son of God.  I believe that God created the world in 7 days simply by the power of His word.  And I believe that Jesus came, lived a sinless life, was crucified, dead and buried and raised to life on the third day.  Now, through Him, God has pardoned my sin and I am confident of my eternal life with Him in heaven.

Can we be friends?  Does something good, like the truth, carry the latent poison to kill a relationship?

8 thoughts on “Too Much Truth

  1. I don’t see why you can’t remain friends. An acceptance of beliefs is part of friendship…even very different beliefs. I don’t see that someone who is an atheist views or treats people differently than someone who views themselves grounded in the Christian religion. What is the friendship based upon…only agreeing about how the world came to be or what the afterlife is? Probably not, really. It’s probably based upon a common core of valuing people. Caring…

    I know I personally believe none of the things which are a strong belief system for you. I doubt if we are much different, really.

    1. Dear Whimsyrighthere,
      Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate any thoughts on this subject. I feel strongly about Christ’s command to love others and so often I see Christians fail to listen to others respectfully while still remaining strong in their faith. May I ask what you believe?

      1. Nothing, really. Energy, which dissipates after we are gone, and we cease to be. I just don’t believe we exist after death, just like I don’t believe we exist before we are born. I think religion plays an important role in creating faith. Faith can keep us going–that I believe we cease to exist after death could be frightening. Religion can give people peace.


  2. Yes. 🙂 We are called to love, love, love. For that’s what He does for us. It is His kindness, after all, that leads us to repentance, as Scripture says. Fortunately, it isn’t our job to convert people. His Spirit does that. So I say love her with all of your might… it may be that very love that brings her heart to a place where she is ready to listen to His voice.

  3. I would definitely still be friends with her! God is so much bigger than us and He put your in her life for a reason. A few boundaries may need to be set, but remember that Jesus befriended Zacchias and other people who didn’t believer. Atheism usually stems from lies and hurt…exactly where Satan likes people. Love her! Let Christ be glorified through you so she can see who God truly is!

  4. Is she at all a different person, other than her beliefs? Considering the fact that she’s probably held these beliefs for a while, but only now felt she could tell you.

    Do you feel compelled to change how you treat her based on your new knowledge of her beliefs?

    If the answer to both is no, then you can stay friends.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. Ironically, I noticed your blog name, and she is a brilliant scientist.

  5. As a Christian, we must share God’s gift of love to the whole world in a civil manner, not attempting to “ram religion” down their neck; however, we still need to surround ourselves with strong Christian family and friends that will help each other in this troubled world. Isaiah 61:10-11 Amen

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