I Don’t Know

Monday I talked about the sincerity of our marriage vows.  Obviously, honesty is important in the course of a marriage as well.  Do you believe everything your husband tells you?  Should he believe everything you say?

My husband is the most honorable man I know.  Particularly in his job as an Army officer, he displays nearly flawless integrity, respect, wisdom and humility.  Therefore, this is not meant as a complaint, simply an honest observation.  Perhaps you have made the same one.

“I did check to see if your show was on.  It’s not, so I figured we’d watch Battle Star Galactica.” Hmmm…  “I will take the trash out later.”  “I only spent $30 on Copenhagen last week.”  Right…

And his favorite response to any question I pose.  In fact, I think it comprises at least 50% of his vocabulary, “I don’t know, maybe.”  That is the easiest, tiny little smudge of the truth that works conveniently in many situations.  Please, just tell me now!

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