Just Say It

There are two kinds of lies: lies of commission and lies omission.

“No Father, I didn’t chop down the cherry tree,” a slight twist on Abe Lincoln’s story, but the perfect example of a lie of commission.

“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her,” the quintessential lie of omission.  Inevitably, it will hurt her and you will pay for it.  But let’s consider another kind of omissive lie.

I make it a point to ALWAYS compliment someone on the smallest deserving quality.  I am not advocating flattery – that hurts and you will pay for that too.  But, why not tell the checkout lady that she has lovely blue eyes?  Why not point out that your husband looks smashing in his uniform, chest ablaze with medals and ribbons?  Why not tell someone that you notice they are always smiling and that it makes you happy every time you see them?

If a lie is simply the opposite of the truth, then keeping these simple, one-liners to yourself is in essence, a lie.  And if I a lie is hurtful, then telling these tiny truths can only bless someone.

Try it!  Start by complimenting your spouse today.  There is one exceptional thing about them, say so.  It doesn’t have to be profound, but I promise your marriage will be profoundly affected.

Come back and tell me what you said.  I’ll be your accountability partner!

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