Tuesday’s theme is supposed to be “Tell Yourself the Truth” or “Truth be Told.”  I find it disturbing that my head feels full of lies, like little wormy-maggots.  Not all the time, but in comparison to the truths that I have allowed to take root firmly in my mind and life… well, I have some pretty nasty parasitic lies still in there.


unusable, trashed, or if sentimental enough, a broken treasure can become a decoration or be tucked quietly away as a keepsake.  but for all it longs to be, was meant to be: it is useless.  an object of pity, a lesson learned, never to be repeated.  to be honest, this is why i still fight brokenness in so many ways.  Crucify, Broken

Forgive me Father, I don’t even recognize the brokenness opportunities – I am so busy avoiding them.

The truth is:

God requires Brokenness.  “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.”  Ps. 51:17

God knows that Brokenness is good for me.  Only when my stubborn will is broken, and He is allowed to step in and rebuild me in the image of Christ and like the master potter, mold me according to His  pleasure –  then will I know true joy and peace and He will be glorified.  I love what John Piper says, “God is most glorified in me, when I am most satisfied in Him.”

How do you view brokenness?  Has God broken you in some way?  Then, do you struggle to muster all your energy to heal, or allow Him to remake you differently than you were before?  Do you still need to be broken?  How do you feel about things that you have broken?

2 thoughts on “Brokenness

  1. Abby, I find your posts powerfully haunting. They make me stop in my tracks because I feel them inside of me in a place of ?deep sadness? or is it ?falling emotionally into reality? They stay with me and feed my imagination. Keep up the thread.

  2. God has broken me a few times in my life… most recently six weeks ago. I surrendered to the Holy Spirit for healing, and now give God the glory for a renewed mind and a new, intense zeal for Him.

    When we face obstacles that seem too large to handle on our own, God will walk with us, hold our hand along the way, and take us to a place we never thought possible to reach. He is able if we just trust in Him and surrender to His control!

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