How Does a Christian Say “NO”?

How does one experience margin?

When patience, composure are wearing thin?

Exhausted, agreeable, everything’s doable.

To tell someone “No” is the greatest of sin.

How does a Christian say “No”?

Just grin and grit with cheeks aglow.

It’s not allowed in good-girl land.

She’s no recourse to take her stand.

She must concede her Christ to show.

“Would you mind? May I please borrow?”

“You’ll help me out, please, tomorrow?”

She will always lower her flag, extend her hand.

How does a Christian say “No”?

She’s tired, someone says, “I told you so.

“Sometimes you simply must say ‘No.'”

They are next to ask her to lend a hand.

Their pleading words, a cloaked demand.

Her resolve will rarely withstand the blow.

How does a Christian say “No”?

3 thoughts on “How Does a Christian Say “NO”?

  1. Sometimes I feel its easy to say no b/c I have to go by my biblical priorities…husand/family first (its our first ministry priority) and then all other things can fall under that. I also have to prioritize work too, just b/c its where I’m at right now.

    However, my biggest question is this….Where is the line between being a servant for Christ and being “walked all over”? I think we have to be careful as not to be taken advantage of or be a victim of doing others’ work b/c they don’t want to. Just b/c you say “no” to something doesn’t mean you aren’t a servant or that you are being sinful. Sometimes, its appropriate to say “no”….even if its something that you could easily do. I seriously ask myself “what would Christ do in this situation if he was on still on earth?” I ask that b/c he was very blunt, speaking truth in love, to those around Him. While He served, He never took the “victim” path. He took a stand for what was right. He didn’t pacify people or enable them.

    We can’t become a victim or enable others or get “walked all over” in the name of being a servant. We are called to serve as CHRIST DID…not how other people think you should serve. We have to do what God is telling us to do and not worry about what others perception will be of us.

    1. I get so stuck sometimes! I was in the muck of indecision just this morning.  I have been a part of a four week Bible study before summer break starts.  Now, with two weeks to go, I just feel too busy to make it tonight, it was best for Patrick if I didn't go last time… so… am I being non-commital and flaky?  How do you decide what Jesus would do when one option sounds "good," the other sounds selfish and you know what you want to do, but then you also know that your feelings and wants can't always be trusted. I was supposed to attend a picnic at the place where I volunteer, but I couldn't make it due to planning Patrick's change of command party.  I feel awful when I say no, I want to say yes and then actually, somewhere in my heart the no feels like what I want and then I wonder if I'm being unsocial or not shining my light publicly. Arugh – does that make ANY sense?   Abby Kelly > > >Predatory Lies >Memorable Scents

      1. If you commited to the Bible Study, I honestly think its biblical to finish it out. I think this b/c you gave your word and the bible is very clear about keeping our word. I don’t know why Patrick wanted you to not go last week, but he was aware of your commitment and should help you keep those (if is was just b/c he wanted you home…if it was more serious, then its definitely debateable b/c your marriage should come first). I also think that the bible talks about running the race…its not truly about starting, but how you show godly character through the race and FINISHING the race. If you commited, I believe you should finish strong.

        And as for the picnic. Since that is something that is optional, I think it doesn’t HAVE to be a priority. Your responsibility to Patricks command change is crucial to your marriage, so that comes first. I ASSUME that you knew about the command change party before the picnic, which would make if a first priority anyway….but even if you didn’t, doing something for your family comes first. I believe that is just Satan trying to pull you away from your family responsibilities, feeding you the lie that “you aren’t being a good witness” if you choose Patrick over the community.

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