First, the big news!  Next Thursday you are going to privileged to read a post by one of my dearest friends, Beth Petrashek.  You can check out her blog here.  But you have to promise to visit “Predatory Lies” again – even when she isn’t guest posting!

Beth and I went to Oklahoma State University together, albeit a few years apart.  Almost accidentally, we met at a Bible study her junior year.  Our hearts grew together quickly.  Beth is “the friend that sticks closer than a brother.”  She is more honest with me, whether it be in encouragement or conviction, than anyone else I know.  How I love her.

Beth is married to Ken Petrashek and lives in Stillwater, OK.  The only thing she loves more than her husband is Jesus.  Welcome Beth, and thank you for sharing.  I love you!

(And one little announcement: Occasionally I write for other websites.  Today I wrote an article on encouraging Bible verses.  If I hadn’t written it there, I should have posted it here!  So, here’s the link.)

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