How expensive is your beauty?

Tell yourself the truth.   How much do you think you spend on beauty products?  Or should I more accurately call them “self-esteem products?”  I confess that when I buy a new mascara, or spend copious amounts of time trying to determine the right shade of foundation, or agonize over what color of nail polish is the most “me,” or wonder if my new shampoo makes my hair feel limp – every time, I am trying to make myself more impressive to other people.  Why else do I lighten my hair for summer and bury my white shoes in the fall?  Because the world tells me that’s what looks good.

Now, shift your train of thought with me.  When we are feeling more serious, we ponder things like global hunger, poverty and children without clean water.  Did know that the amount of money Americans spend on beautification is almost equivalent to the amount of money it would take to eradicate world hunger?

Constance Rhodes is the founder of Finding Balance and The True Campaign, and True Sisterhood.  I listen to the True Sisterhood podcast frequently.  I just finished the episode called Chaos and Compassion. 

The challenge, and I’m going to echo it here: cut out a few things from your beauty budget and boost a child’s joy and hope, instead of your self-esteem.  Try it.

Compassion International is only one ministry that works to meet the needs of children in third world countries.  I am choosing to sponsor a child through them because they share Jesus, the true hope of the world and the living water, while they are meeting physical needs.

In the next few weeks I will share more about the child my husband and I are sponsoring.  I would love to know if you take my challenge.   Have you already been sponsoring a child or ministering in another way? I would love to hear about it.

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