Prove God

Journaling – heals human relationships

My dear mother-in-law wrote several journals for each of her children, recording the good, bad, the ugly and the wonderful.  When Patrick and I got married, she copied every page and bound them for me.  Patrick deployed two months after our wedding, so I opened those spirals and got to know my husband in a deeper way than I might have if we had simply carried on daily conversations.


I have come to know myself in my journals.  Crawling out of the dregs of an eating disorder, I credit my recovery to journaling as much as to any counselor.  I go back and read about the pain that I survived before – I find strength to face today’s battle.


Journaling has proved God’s word to me.


“And we know that all things work together for good, for those that love God and are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28


Some of my journals are from the months that I spent at Remuda Ranch.  I wrote angrily about being forced to eat foods that I hadn’t touched in years.  I fussed about not being allowed to simply walk down the path to my counselor’s office – exercise restriction.  In my journal, I cursed the dietician who refused to let me see the hideous numbers on the condemning scale.  Now when I read those entries, I see that I not only survived, but that I am happier and healthier.  Surely, I can face today’s obstacles and trust that ultimately they are from a loving God for my good.

An excellent journaling resource that I stumbled upon is Create Write Now.

3 thoughts on “Prove God

  1. I’m going to keep “pushing!” Thanks for commenting here. At the end of this week, someone is going to win a leather journal!

  2. wow! I have sat hear speechless for about 15 min. I almost went to that place in Arizona… for other reasons but found something in WA that specialized in PTSD.

    This is so true about journal-ing… it shows your anger and honest words… kinda like King David and the psalms. I think it was like a journal… and now we look back and see how God proved himself faithful and true.

    this is a beautiful post! lovely

    I have a blog that you might like. He does a great job at painting a picture with words for people who need encouragement and to remember how God is in our lives.

    I’m glad I found your blog:) thanks for your comment! 🙂

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