What’s it take to build an idol?

I never melted down my gold,

Or fashioned wood to sacred behold.

I never bowed the knee to anyone,

I know and love Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

So why this prick inside my heart,

A self-made, love-demanding part

Of my worship, time and money.

My sweet, unassuming little dog.

My desire for enviable beauty.

Respect, admiration – to be someone else’s idol.

Oh Jesus, I am sick.

Send the gospel deep into my soul.

Cut, excise, remove unfaithful parts of me.

And Jesus, Father, Holy Spirit, cleanse and make me whole.


4 thoughts on “What’s it take to build an idol?

  1. I thought about “enviable beauty”. You do have “enviable beauty” in a lot of ways; you just don’t think you have it. I love you for who you are. Mom (your other “mom”)

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