From my journal – May 3, 2008

Today was a neat God-inspired day for me.  He showed me a time-tested principle that His word says over and over and I’ve always tried to practice it, but I forget how powerful it is.


J esus

O thers

Y ourself


There’s a really special family that I know from the running club whose father was just diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  I’ve been praying for them, but felt really led today to do something more, something practical.  I felt impressed to bake them some bread, and to do a couple things to help them financially.  So I spent most of today getting a small package together for them. Also, I had planned to meet a friend from work for coffee and then this morning I just didn’t want to. I had decided to call and cancel and then I prayed about it and my attitude started to change – I wanted to.  So I did. Oh it was so rewarding! And I spent today focused on the Luther family and talking to Susan about her daughter and listening to her, I forgot (almost literally) to worry and think about food!

Occasionally, I started to worry and think and plan what I was going to do for my next meal but through prayer and concentration on how creative I could be for someone else, the anxiety fled!

Also, I chose again to go to church and Sunday School with Heidi and Tommy at their Baptist church’s Saturday night service. Oh the worship was fabulous and just sitting with Christian friends was so life-giving.  If I had stayed home, or spent that time alone, I know I would have snacked (even if it’s veggies, it is compulsive eating for me) or worried or been self-obsessed.

Another thing God has taught me before that I continuously forget is how powerful worship music is for me.  I often try to cram my mind with more ‘knowledge’ and listen to tons of sermons and lessons.  But I find that I start to go dry, my prayer life dwindles and I don’t feel ‘close’ to God even if I’m marking up my Bible and thinking a lot.  Oh, how I love His word and His worship!

And on a physical note, God reminded me today that I feel best if I don’t eat as many raw veggies.  I was trying to decide what to fix for dinner tonight and it was getting late and then ‘poof’ I just found myself fixing a veggie burger, brown rice and some cooked brussel sprouts.  It tasted great, I didn’t fret about it and I didn’t end up bloated.  Oh how good and practical our God is!

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