A Couple of Journeys

A young couple agreed upon a journey.

They’d gone a mere two miles.

They passed some cold, dark alleys

and saw some lovely isles.

They collected wisdom, learned some lessons.

They saw gorgeous landscapes,

They sampled vineyard grapes – some sweet some sour

But all in all…

Then went back to whence they came.

“Let’s try again,” they told themselves.

“That road didn’t go to far.

We’d really like to see if we can attain the farthest star.

They started down this second path

And really were quite pleased.

It was challenging enough,

But they traversed the soil with ease.

This road took them over seas,

Gave them friends, and taught them things –

Languages, cultures, foods…

“This was so much better!”

With laughter they loudly cried.

Not that the first was all that bad,

But between the two

The second was best, the first

Was worst.

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