He Was Watching

Credit: Untitled Moments

He watched her from his bird’s eye view.

Standing in waves of flaxen hue,

Merged with sky of palest blue.

Above, out her sight, He moved His hand.

Whispered a word she would understand,

“All your tears have long been planned.”

Looking back, she searched for proof,

That her Highest Love, told the truth.

She saw that since her early youth,

He had loved and cared and carried,

She had senselessly often worried.

Alas, but did her Savior bleed.

And with His wounds did intercede.

For her joy, and strength peace He plead,

“You’re beautiful and mine,” He said.

Written for Bluebell Books: Short Story Slam



15 thoughts on “He Was Watching

  1. This is beautiful!!!! You have captured a very real truth about that picture!!! I never thought when I took this it would inspire so many to write…. This poem is truly beautiful! 🙂

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