Earth Groans

The earth groaned yesterday.

It declared your intention to complete the world.


I miss the tiny petals as flowers unfurl.

In day-to-day I oft don’t see

The miracle  occuring in the stretching of a tree.

Beneath the huff of invisitble breaths,

Or the life that blooms from death.

The single kept promise of the rising of the sun,

The course the seasons silently run.

The simple thoughts of love you carry,

Between hearts and minds.

Not the under-groan

Of earth for home.

The forever you promised

All things new.

5 thoughts on “Earth Groans

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I can’t find your “subscribe” area on here. Not into Facebook and others so I rely on the email notification.

    I see you are with FaithWriters also? That is an excellent site to practice writing. Do you have writings there also?

    1. I do have some writings posted on FaithWriters. However, I’m pretty new there and still exploring the depths of the website. I did move the subscription button to the upper right hand corner of my blog. Thanks for letting me know it was hard to find!

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