A Sovereign God and My Own Will?

Last week I devoted each day to a single chapter in Will Davis’ book, “10 Things Jesus Never Said.” One chapter that I did not get to was about God’s will. Basically, Will asks, “What happens if I miss God’s ultimate will for my life?” I have known times of near paralyzation, wondering – what if I go to the wrong college, marry the wrong guy, spend too much money on something God doesn’t want me to have, forget to pray for someone?

What if, what if,WHAT IF!?

John Piper is probably my all time favorite pastor. He is more than a little over my head, but his intellectual style forces me to stay awake and pay attention. John’s passion is unmatched. Another time, we’ll discuss John’s call to be a Christian Hedonist.  The phase itself sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? I subscribe to the blog at, Desiring God. Last week, a guest author addressed this troubling concept of finding God’s will. For once, it made sense to me why God sometimes seems to leave us in the dark.

That said, I believe it’s God’s will for me to share this post with you today, and save my breath for tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “A Sovereign God and My Own Will?

  1. I thought about the same thing as well. But I think the Lord may direct us back to His original plan for us if we earnestly seek Him. Perhaps, what we should have received earlier may come to us at a later time. My point here is: we need to continue to have a close relationship with Him in order to know His plan for us.

    1. Amen -I’m daily learning to walk by the Spirit, but when I get it right and draw ever closer to Him – what a reward!

  2. “What if I miss God’s ultimate will for my life?” I don’t think that is possible. Prior to making us, I believe God knew what our choices would be, yet completed us anyway. His will was part of the packaging.

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