Passing By, published by Jeanne Webster

I follow a wonderful blog called Women’s Window. Recently, Jeanne wrote a stunning, short post. In this brief, true story from last week’s news she captured the essence of a prevalent lie. As a society we are very concerned with our self-awareness, as evidenced by the obsession with yoga and mediation and being “spiritual.”

In fact, this weekend, I passed a couple chatting in Walgreens. On a Sunday afternoon, dressed to the nines, a tall lady turned to the sales clerk and said, “I am spiritual, I don’t consider myself religious.” I don’t know where the conversation started or ended, choosing not to eavesdrop anymore. Well, I did here the guy reply to her in-kind question, “I consider myself complicated.”

I digress. The point I want to make is that biblically, the truth is we should be focused on our other-awareness. I am memorizing a portion of Romans 12 right now and trying expressly to apply it to my marriage. One little excerpt, “Out do one another in showing honor.” If someone (me included) (anyone) had out done themselves in honoring this man, what might have happened? 

Here’s Jeanne’s post. I highly recommend her blog, too. Women’s Window. 

5 thoughts on “Passing By, published by Jeanne Webster

  1. Your additional comments to the topic of empathy lighten more shadows behind that word. As Christians we are called to love one another…as Christ loved (loves) us. He loved us to the extent that he DIED for us. “Love one another as I have loved you.” That’s empathy. That’s love.

    Are Christians “religious?” Everyone is “religious” about something. That word has lost its true meaning. I’m religious about saying that! 🙂


  2. Hey Abby! I like this aritcle, too! I like the way you write, and the openness of your faith. I really like the reference to, “Out do one another in showing honor.” My wife and I are very happily married, and everyone around us knows it. When anyone asks me what our “secret” is, I tell them it’s very simple, we out-love one another.

    I must say it again, I really like what you’re doing here, and after reading some of your non-poetry stuff, I like it even more. You are a talented writer! (Don’t mis-interpret, I love your poetry, too!)

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. I truly desire for God to speak through me and all of my writing to encourage and win people to Jesus. Thanks for your companionship in Praising Him!

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