My Love Letter

A friend of mine, Charles Mashburn,  introduced me to this blog today. I’m intrigued, so this post is an interruption of our weekly programing to bring you, One More Love Letter.



(Magic in the Backyard hosts a weekly Friday Free Write. Please check it out. The above header is featured on her site. )

Dear Friend,

I imagine you’re feeling a little lonely today. If not, save this letter for a day when you are.

Believe me, as a fellow woman, I know: nothing needs to change, the light only needs to reflect differently on the water, a speck of eyeshadow cascade into your eye. Maybe you stub your toe, blink twice or wish you had eaten cereal for breakfast instead of toast. NOTHING needs to change for your peppiness to disappear, the spring in your step to be sprung, your whistle while you work to fade, your happy-go-lucky to go somewhere else. That’s the nature of being a girl – moods.

But think of it, that’s a comfort really. When you know that you simply FEEL one way, that nothing is any different from the way it was when you FELT another way – you can live through it!

“Hear me when I say it: if Loneliness needs to visit then waste no time in pulling up its chair. If Sadness wants to dance today, get on those ballet shoes. If Tire and Exhaustion are demanding that they sit beside you on the train, let one take the window seat and the other the aisle.
They’ll be leaving soon. They’ll make their way out. They won’t stay forever, though it may seem that way right now. But you, you just keep on going, knowing that all you are doing is absolutely enough. You are doing just fine.” (quoted from Free Write Friday)

Remember that time you sat in a circle of glowing sunshine? Then you looked across the street to see your neighbor’s house bleary behind a curtain of pouring rain. The cloud bursts never last long, but in that moment there is undoubtedly a rainbow. Your momentary loneliness is a cloudburst. Somewhere, just across the street, the sun is brilliant, and if you want you can walk right over there and bask in its glory.


Arches over the street where you live.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green,

Your loneliness is not as it seems.

Blue, Indigo, Violet,

Every sunrise has a sunset.

Today will soon spin into tomorrow,

The globe round once and joys will borrow.

Copyright: All rights reserved by PelicanPete

Know this, dear one, you have a friend,

Tears, raindrops, sunlight blend,

Into a rainbow.




7 thoughts on “My Love Letter

  1. This is awesome, Abby! I must tell you, however, these things (not the eyeshadow kinda stuff0 work for guys, too. I often write about life beginning fresh, not only each day, but each moment. I also write about “feeling the pain”; let it hurt for a bit, then get on with it! Anyway, just want you to know we’re pretty much on the same page.
    BUT!; back to your letter: It gets a great big “WOW!” from me. I think it’s fantastic! Great writing!

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