Delish! Autumn

Washed and dried,

God shakes the earth.

Flaps its curtained clouds.

He scatters the leaves and calls next season,

Autumn comes in on a breeze.

Bronze and brown jitter beneath blue.

Cool clouds, I relish arrival.

Blue billows, blusters softly

Spins brittle leaves.

Delightful, diamond-clear air

Champions crystal sun.

Colors more vibrant, edges more crisp

Nights more chilled,

Days more brief.

Hail autumn, fair arrival. 

7 thoughts on “Delish! Autumn

  1. I love poems. I’ve tried to write them. I tried a seasonal one once. It wasn’t nearly as nice as this one, which is lovely. And the photo is stunning.


    1. I never like my own stuff the first read-through. Then sometimes, several weeks later, I don’t even recognize it and I think it’s great!

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