©All rights reserved by Hilath

Loneliness is like a leach.

Cleaves to your soul and rarely leaves.

There’s the occasional lapse in its presence,

But the longer it’s there, more comfortably lingers.

The last to leave, the first to arrive,

When little is said, and laughter dies.

Onerous and ominous.

It overwhelms and overcomes.

Only loneliness knows the way

To obliterate the sun.

Never forever,

Not only, not never.

Some nights pain subsides.

Some rights reserved by Mohammed Nairooz

Ever a friend, but evasive.

Eternal distance from everyone.

Else someone see your empty eyes.

Else someone hear your whimpering cries.

Loneliness is like a leach,

Cleaves to your soul and rarely leaves.

Loneliness lies, there’s little to love.

And longing grows longer.

Yet, there must be hope.

Yesterday’s gone, yet tomorrow comes.

There must be a yellow sun,

Yearn for a reason,

To live through the loneliness.

Composed for Gooseberry Garden

8 thoughts on “Lonely

    1. Thank you for your comments. Loneliness is experience in so many ways, by the most unlikely people sometimes in the most unlikely places. I hoped to capture that, and end with hope.

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