All that glitters isn’t gold…

I am disgusted with myself. I feel like a million tiny spiders of world-life are spanning across my brain. I am awash in ankle-biter issues and things to do. Things, horrible, temporary, things I want. I have no needs, None. And yet my eyes are starry with the glittery things around me. All worthless pursuits become urgent.

This is going to get ugly. This week Blackberry (Rim technologies) experienced global spasms. Growing pains, I guess. Like the millions of other Blackberry owners, I could care less about the literal cause of their problems. I only cared that my phone suddenly failed to collect my emails. My calendar didn’t alert me to appointments and who knows how many phone calls bounced back into technosphere.

Rewind to last Friday. Patrick and I were enjoying breakfast at IHOP when he made the loaded observation that the iPhone is incredibly amazing. You know “everyone” we know has one and they’re “so much better” than our phones. Never mind that we were so excited to get smartphones less than a year ago. Time for an upgrade, right? The rest of that weekend I sleuthed through eBay and unauthorized websites for cheap deals on unlocked iPhones. In fact, I bought one on eBay before I panicked at my worldliness and lust for newness. I contacted the seller and begged him to cancel the transaction.

I survived a few more days ignoring the iPhone users around me, willing myself to be content with my Blackberry. Enter the global glitch. I was instantly convinced that my phone had failed, it must be a sign that I should buy a new phone – an iPhone! Then, when I realized it was a temporary, broader issue, I tried to believe that Blackberry is second-rate and I should still get a new phone.

I don’t know about you, but I can do mental gymnastics over silly decisions such as this. Really, it’s lust. “Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2 Suddenly, conviction washed over me. How much time and energy I had wasted shopping around for a cheap new phone? I didn’t like what I saw in the rearview mirror of my day.

This “age” is littered with techno-crap. Who writes a to-do list anymore? We keep it on our smartphone. I can barely read a map (I hate to admit it) the GPS evolved in my lifetime. I don’t like phone conversations – why not email, text or use some other more removed mode of communication. I Need my coffeemaker, I Need my Kindle, I Need my cellphone, my mp3 player, my microwave – my buttons. Staples even coined the “Easy Button.” Isn’t that what we’ve all come to expect? Push-button happiness.

I wonder, has Satan used “progress” to distract us? We are progressively more absorbed by our things that our relationships are withering. And it’s not only our relationships with each other. It’s our relationship with God.

“The true worth of a man is to be measured by the objects he pursues…” Marcus Aurelius

6 thoughts on “All that glitters isn’t gold…

  1. I think personally you’re being way too hard on yourself (it’s not very hard to get caught up in all that stuff) but I think you hit the nail 100% on the head in your last paragraph and that’s something for us all to really think about.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. Maybe I am a little dramatic (:
      But I want to be careful and aware of the desires of my heart – to keep them focused on Jesus.

  2. I have to keep constant watch on my worldly life, especially when it comes to technology. It takes work to create balance, but it can be done.

    Having said that, I’d like to say that I love my Windows 7 Phone (an AT&T Focus). My husband can’t stand it, but I love it. I take almost all of my pictures on it and they are so easy to manage. Plus, the things is highly compatible with windows applications. This doesn’t help, I’m sure, but I couldn’t resist.

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