Always the Holidays

Apple-cinnamon aroma abreast the autumn air.

Lilting laughter lingers long.

Watching wild-eyed,

As ash alights the air from an ardent flame.

Youngest ogling yummy yams and yellow squash.

Sounds of shed leaves like shattering stain glass.


Always the warmth of holiday.

Always the fragrance of home.

Always the mirth and the longing.

Always sweet memory aching.

19 thoughts on “Always the Holidays

  1. aww..what a lovely autumn-flavored poem, and it’s your last line, “Always sweet memory aching,” that beautifully kept it all together. every season, in order for it to have a meaning deeply in your heart, must have a memory attached to it. otherwise, it’s just a season. lovely poem, nicely put together.

  2. I always find acrostics irritatingly unpoetic and elementary. This, however – is the exception! I loved the alliteration, and it doesn’t even sound forced into this form. Nice work.

    1. That’s probably because I didn’t set out to write anything – and I certainly wasn’t thinking of form. (:

  3. Very nice! I enjoyed this, made all the more special because it is nothing like my holidays – either from childhood or with my own children. But the emotion behind those different images is universally touchable. What a lovely glimpse into your holidays and a springboard for my own wander into memories of our holidays!

      1. Well, for a start, we don’t have a true fall in Australia – our Eucalypts are not deciduous, and so autumn is simply a relief from summer’s intensity. When I think of holidays, I think, therefore of Christmas, which is in the middle of summer. Decorations in the city streets glitter in the sunlight, the days are getting longer and school is finishing for the year. We are already starting to go to the beach several times a week and so Christmas comes with the expectation of BBQs, balmy summer nights, cobalt skies days of getting all the cooking done early so we don’t heat the house too much. I think I must actually write my own poem about it! And Abby – thank you for your question – I get the feeling that I have found a new friend in you, one who I am thankful to the Lord for. πŸ™‚

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