Flicker of Hope for Us

A spark or glimmer

Nearly died last week.

Tonight it’s flicker

A tiniest peek

Of hope for tomorrow

Faith in love.


Before my heart

All but above

Despaired of here and him.

And us and dreams.

But with the breath of

A Creator with

Hands of love and

Plans through pain.

And a will that’s not my own.



A fresh, awakening frost

To my lungs

A stinging hope for two

As one.


Relationship is a fragile thing. Especially when it is sworn to survive anything and everything, to never expire. When you can’t tire of the other, and no matter how wounded you are you can’t escape – not without dying.

Recently, my most intimate relationship, my marriage, has been tested. I feel as if I have been walking on a tightrope made of glass. It hurts, but falling might hurt even more. And regardless, I will fall sometime. Circumstances must tilt too far left or right and I will inevitably plunge to one end or another.

But God.

God has filled my lungs with a stinging deep inhale. Again, it hurts. But suddenly, I’m alive, awake and aware that when I fall, to the left or the right, He will catch me.

Here with you, I am completely vulnerable and honest. If I can’t humbly share my pain and failures, how can I adequately describe the depths to which God went and continues to go to rescue me? Recently, I finished a 12 week group counseling course with Marsha Means, MA. I urge you, beg you, if your marriage is teetering on a high wire, if your hand is on the door knob, or your heart is more lonely with your soul-mate than it’s ever been before… get help, find courage, you’re not alone. 

3 thoughts on “Flicker of Hope for Us

  1. Praying for you guys, Abby… He can restore what was/is lost. He has a plan for you… You know that :). Praying healing and restoration…
    Lots of love,

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