Give Yourself the Gift of Hope

God has recently placed me in a new circle of friends. Our relationship began as I found myself in a new deeper pit of pain than I have known before or am equipped to handle. Now, as I step farther and farther out onto stable ground, pulled by their loving hands, I am being given the opportunity to help them and to share that same love and outreach with others who are mired in my same pit of despair.

A Woman’s Healing Journey, along with the resources they offer including counseling, group counseling, books, 12 step groups and prayer has in no uncertain terms saved my marriage, my sanity and my self-respect. Please, please, if you are dealing with the agony of a spouse’s betrayal, go to their website, contact them, let someone help you.

Here’s a bit of news from our Christmas Letter. Be encouraged.

Dear Friends,

As we celebrate this Christmas season, our thoughts and prayers include you. We are deeply aware that for many of you, 2011 has been a year of extreme heartache and loss. Yet for some, there have also been newfound treasures buried in your “trauma chest:” a more meaningful relationship with God; a re-discovery of yourself, as an individual; or a more intimate connection with your husband because, for the first time, you know everything there is to know about him and he’s finally opening his heart to you.

But wherever you are in your healing Journey, we want you to know that we care, and we are working to meet your needs for healing. We’ve rewritten the Partner’s Healing Journey workbook, and the brand new version, Journey to Healing & Joy, is now available in a beautifiul new format. It is the only workbook for partners of sexual addicts that incorporates both the trauma model and the Life Model to help you heal and learn how to keep your “joy cup” full, with or without a man in your life.

And we’ve added new groups to help you continue to heal and grow:
Coach Sarah now facilitates a 52 week a year drop-in Prayer & Share time for ministry wives whose husbands struggle with sexual addiction
Coach Debbie now facilitates non-traditional, Christ-centered 12 step groups
Coach Keisha, who lives abroad, now provides support for women in Europe, Asia, Africa, Austrailia, New Zealand, and parts of Polynesia
Pastor Steve has joined us and now facilitates Life Model groups for recovering men whose unresolved trauma still blocks their ability to emotionally connect with others, including their wives, at a heart-to-heart level
Coach Jodi, now trained and very skilled at Immanuel Processing, facilitates Immanuel Processing sessions with individuals and groups to enable them to heal unresolved trauma
And Coach Christy, Coach Sarah, and Marsha continue to facilitate groups for new women on this side of the world using the new Journey to Healing & Joy workbook.
And Abby has joined us as a volunteer networker, grant writer, and public relations wonder. She is a true gift from God!
From all of us to all of you, may this Christmas season bring new awareness that our God came not as a ruler, but as a baby, laid in a manger, so that he might walk among us and die for our transgressions so we can know forgiveness, new hope, new joy, and new life with him forever.

Merry Christmas,

Sarah, Debbie, Keisha, Christy, Jodi, Steve & Marsha


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