Salvation on Lay Away

I almost feel like I’m cheating, this week I’m borrowing from other writers – journalists, comedians, friends. I’m sorry but I love these tidbits of thought, laughter, news, etc and there’s no sense in re-creating something that was effective the first time around.

I overheard this on the news just before Christmas. You may have too, but the radio didn’t do the story justice. The longer version (the book is always better than the movie, you know) illuminates the heart of the matter.

Then a mysterious woman stepped up to the counter.

Pretty amazing, hmm?

One more thought: Jesus is not an anonymous donor. Jesus It’s a lie that sneaks into our subconscious and leads us to treat God with the same indifference that we (sadly) often impose on other people. Jesus won’t respond to your text message, and He doesn’t need you to leave a voicemail hoping He’ll have time to listen later. Jesus is not an absent God who set the world spinning and sat back to see if it crashes like an un-manned top.

Jesus came. Jesus lived among us, sharing our blood, sweat and tears. His intimacy with us continues. Give Him your heart, let Him love you. If you want to trust Jesus and know the deepest love of your life, feel free to contact me or follow this link. 


4 thoughts on “Salvation on Lay Away

  1. how are you?

    Haiku is a three line poem,

    with 5,

    syllabus in each line,

    for example, the word “Hai-ku” has two syllabus, the word “you” only has one syllabus, you shall read other poets entries or samples and then write one yourself.

    a sample:

    it’s fun to feel joy, (5 syllabus)
    especially with a boy (7 syllabus)
    who’s cute like a toy. (5 syllabus)

  2. hope you well.

    you write charming poetry, keep it up.

    never get disappointed or discouraged, folks do stuff on good purpose, not meant to hurt you.

    have a lovely nea year ahead.


    1. Thank you. I’m not offended (:
      I just know I have more to learn. I love writing poetry. It comes from the heart even if it never fits a particular poetic genre.

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