Readers, Meet Simple Steps…

Welcome to January! I don’t feel any different, do you?

As promised, this first week, Predatory Lies, will be reviewing a website called Simple Steps. Simple Steps is based in the UK. Self-described:

Simple Steps, is a range of products, from nutritional drinks, vitamin supplements for the mind and body, as well as emphasising the power of relaxation, hypnosis and sleep therapy and aids. An eating disorder is such a complex illness and therefore we have thought of every possible need for your recovery. In fact you can find it right here!

Before you swallow that hook, line and sinker, read Wednesday’s post. But today is an introduction. Simple Steps offers therapy, nutritional guidelines and resources targeted at three manifestations of an eating disorder: Compulsive eating, Bulimia and Anorexia.

 Compulsive eating.  Under this tab you will find a general description of the disorder, a description of the assistance that Simple Steps offers and a link to the products they prescribe to address this illness. The products include a stack of minerals, enzymes, amino acids and vitamins for appetite control and general health. There is also a special protein powder and a nifty shaker cup.

Anorexia:  The information here is quite similar to the information described above. There is an overview of the eating disorder, a list of indications for a quick self-diagnosis, a list of products and a downloadable meal plan. The main difference is the supplements suggested. These include vitamins and minerals and EFAs.

Bulimia: ditto the above. However, the stack of supplements is much smaller here, including only chromium and magnesium.

For each of the disorders, Simple Steps suggests hypnotherapy CDs to combat anxiety and to reprogram positive thinking.

Simple Steps is divided into 2 Simple Steps. Step 1 focuses on healthy weight gain for the underweight (typically the anorexic) and Step 2 focuses on achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Whether you start at Step 1 or 2 depends on your current BMI.

At the bottom of the homepage there is a list of additional resources. An online nutritionist and a list of health topics.

So, welcome to January and welcome to Simple Steps. Don’t miss Wednesday’s post for my personal opinion about the potential effectiveness of this program.

P.S. If you are interested in a Biblical approach to eating disorder recovery I highly suggest you visit Finding Balance. 

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