Day 2, Review of Heaven Revealed

“The notions about heaven that many people have do not come from Scripture; rather, it is their failure to study Scripture that has led to a lack of knowledge and understanding of the biblical meaning of heaven.” (pg.17)

Monday, I began my review of Paul Enns’ book Heaven Revealed.  As I pressed myself further into the book, all the way to Chapter 1, I began to reassess my own beliefs about heaven. I have also been reading Charles Spurgeon’s classic devotional, Morning and Evening.  Spurgeon harps on the truth that a Christian’s life is not to simply be about a relationship Jesus, or following Jesus, or seeking to know Jesus. My life as a Christian is to be consumed by Jesus, such that my identity dissolves in Him becoming insignificant and eternally important simultaneously because of His infinite value.

Enns’ description of heaven develops a practice field for this concept. He quotes a chapel speaker he once heard, “Don’t be so heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good.” NOT SO! Enns cries!

“Unless you are heavenly minded, you will be no earthly good,” he challenges.

Enns provides several Scripture references indicating heaven as our focal point. There are no verses, he points out, that enjoin us to focus on earth. If there is truly continuity between today and forever, I want my last day on earth to be merely a single step into the pages of eternity. I want my worship on earth to be so similar to the heavenly chorus that my voice blends with angels, scarcely missing a beat.

Enns is absolutely right when he tells his readers that studying God’s word will reveal an accurate knowledge of heaven, and an exquisite future for those who believe in Jesus Christ. In order to make heaven our focal point, we need to bury ourselves in Scripture. By enjoying the mercy of Jesus in the pages of the gospels, by heeding the criticism and stern rebukes by Paul in the Epistles, by joining David singing in the Psalms we will begin experience heaven on earth. Heaven is complete communion with God; a daily life with no barrier of time or space between us. That sounds remarkably like the life a growing Christian is learning to live here, now, today.

The video above is a fascinating  lesson by Louie Giglio. His explanation of the heavens (the actual created cosmos) stops my heart momentarily and excites me to see what is just barely beyond my vision today.



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