Not The One

I watched and waited, wondering

Why you willfully wished me away.

Wasn’t I worthy?

Wasn’t I wary?

For once unguarded

I believed you would choose me.

For once I wished I was the one

You want, no less, no more

Than your pleasure.

But, as I watched and waited,

As I wondered if you would remember,

It dawned on me in white waves.

Like washing my soul with pebbles.

Not your choice, not the one.

Not the wish you waited for,

Or the companion of your pleasure.


For Promising Poets

12 thoughts on “Not The One

    1. I relish your companionship on this writing journey! Thanks for your poetry and prose and faithfulness to visit my blog. You encourage me!

    1. I did get, Sweet Friend! How can I ever say thank you. I do tell you though, you’re not rid of me (:
      This is only the beginning of friendship.

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