God is All About HIS Self-esteem

What if God gave us marriage more to make us HOLY than to make us HAPPY? ~ unknown author, taken from Judi Rossi’s book Enhancing Your Marriage

Esteem. The Bible admonishes us not to anything from selfish ambition or vain conceit. As I look back over the expensive efforts I’ve put into my marriage – be they financially, emotionally or energy expensive – I have to wonder – who was I doing this for?

It’s true that I want my marriage to honor God, but what has been my driving motivation? I recently started an online counseling program, to hold me accountable in my eating disorder recovery. I’ve come a long way, but I know that aftercare is essential (been there, done that relapse thing). Within the first two days of work, my mentor has brought one common theme to the forefront:

My motivation for recovery is the determining factor in my success.

John Piper says, “God is most glorified in me, when I am most satisfied in Him.”

Simply put, God is all about God’s Esteem. My ultimate joy hinges on my full-time employment to Esteem Him. When I esteem my Father above my own will and success He will see to my good. That’s the essence of Romans 8:28.

Through A Woman’s Healing Journey, and Enhancing Your Marriage and through Immanuel Prayer I have discovered that God was absolutely intentional about making me Patrick Kelly’s wife. Therefore, my investment in this marriage and my determination for it’s success must be for God (its Creator’s) glory. If I am simply concerned with my happiness and our compatibility then I should probably have walked away a long time ago. BUT, as I have strive hard toward God and He nudges me closer to my husband I am finding that I am more complete and joyful than I have ever been. Oh the goodness of God!

So, whether I eat or drink (conquering anorexia), whether you wed or choose singleness, whether I do anything at all, it must be for God’s glory if it is to succeed.

2 thoughts on “God is All About HIS Self-esteem

  1. Amen to that! Isn’t funny how when we try to take away from His glory, that things don’t seem to function? If we all would just take a step back and look at our past (to learn from it, not to live in it) and see how sin caused us to seek ourselves, maybe then we could take a step forward in the present to truly live for the Lord. Think back on the times that your eating disorder was a strong presence (I am thinking on mine right now too)…how poorly did your marriage function? How much more was it suffering? The same with your spiritual growth. How was it suffering. That is Satan’s ultimate goal. For us to be distracted by something self-centered so we take our eye off our God. So that He doesn’t receive glory. So that the things God set in place (marriage, relationships) don’t function in the way He planned them to. Praise the Lord we serve the almighty God that can make ALL THINGS NEW!

    1. You are so right and know me well. Funny that even my attempts to serve him can often become my own merit badges making it about me and perverting my praise.

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