I Wish I’d Thought of That

Nearly a year ago, I wrote a series of articles belittling the reality show Biggest Loser.  Since that time, I’ve also admitted to enjoying Jillian Michaels’ workout videos. Beth, a dear friend of mine who has guest posted here, and blogs at Exceedingly Abundantly Above , strongly disagrees(ed) with me. I have come around to her side for the most part. I can see the merits of the show.

However, I have big beef with reality shows in general. I find the concept extremely idolatrous (isn’t there even a show exploiting that concept). They either engender an increasingly sick obsession with ourselves, a pure lust for fame; or, they demoralize us “normal” people. This morning, Patrick and I were reading the news during our Saturday morning coffee. We came across this article: Why Americans are Willing to do Terrible Things to be Famous, by Keith Ablow.

My point exactly.

One thought on “I Wish I’d Thought of That

  1. AMEN!!! You know I love “The Biggest Loser”. And, I watch “Project Runway”, “Celebrity Apprentice”, “American Idol”, “The Voice”….I like a lot of reality TV. I have watched my fair share of “The Bachelor” as well. What I’ve realized in the last year or two is that so much of reality TV is disgusting. We (as in the average America) glorify bad behavior. Who would have EVER thought we would have a TV show where they follow around teenage girls that are pregnant and now moms? It glorifies their behavior so much, there are girls getting pregnant in high school just HOPING MTV will knock on their door. Its disgusting! And, who in their right mind would ever drink horse semen for money or 15 minutes of fame???? Its completely out of control! I’ve made a rule with myself (b/c I do have a love for television): I only want to watch things that are uplifting and encouraging. I do know that what I think is uplifting may not be to the next person (there’s a lot of drama on The Apprentice, but I like the accomplishment of a task and that they money goes to charity), but its a way for me to keep most of the filth out of my mind.

    Thanks for sharing the article. 🙂

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