Day 1 Book Review: The Good News We Almost Forgot

Catechism. It’s an old, dusty word that rolls boringly off the tongue. It sounds like library books and creaky chairs laden with inches of dust, unmoved by studious backsides.  I remember my mother once determining that my sisters and I would study and memorize the catechisms as part of our homeschooling Bible class. As tedious as it seemed and though I never made it through the 129 questions and answers, sometimes phrases of the old document leap to my mind in response to a probing question.

Even more so now, 20 years later, with the emergent and seeker-sensitive church movement, these timeless truths have been shelved. Shelved often behind cobwebs, the very cobwebs that shroud our clarity of thought, the simplicity of the scriptures and our commitment to absolute truth.

Kevin DeYoung does a marvelous job of presenting the old Heidelberg Catechism in an intriguing light in his book The Good News We Almost Forgot: Rediscovering the Truth in a 16th Century Catechism. As I read the book, it was a progressively dawning light. It illuminated truths that I’ve known, but never known how to express. It confirmed doctrines like the Trinity and original sin and total depravity.

As usual, I stumbled upon this new book as I listened to In The Market With Janet Parshall on Moody Radio. By the end of the interview, I could barely wait to get my hands on a copy. Now, for three days this week I want to whet your appetite, too. At the end of the week, I will be giving away a copy of the book.

Recently I have been listening to a series of sermons on reformed theology, by R.C. Sproul. True to form, God has folded truths from both of these sources into overlapping confirmations in my mind. I certainly don’t have it all wrapped up in a nice little package, but I’m getting closer to a confident understanding and an ability to express what I believe.

I confess, I haven’t finished this book yet. You may be privy to additional nuggets of treasure that I unearth even after this week. But it’s a start. Don’t forget to be lively – COMMENT HERE – follow the links. The more involved you are the higher your chances of winning a free copy of The Good News We Almost Forgot. 

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