Mom’s Who TRI (Train, Race, Inspire)

The big event, the first hurrah, the inaugural invitation… Don’t miss it!

If you live in Northern Virginia, this is probably the most affordable, fun, sustainable fitness program you’ll ever find. Join us April 2, 4 and 6th for the kick-off of Mom’s Who TRI!

Each day will feature a variety of phyiscal training techniques tailored to moms as well to a variety of ages of children. Some activities will be done together, and others separately. From bootcamps, to sports drills, dumbbells to bodyweight exercises, fun relays, and heathy, tasty food, this is the start of great health for both you and your children.

On Friday, bring your favorite healthy brunch item. We will also distribute a brief survey so that you can help us make our summer program exactly what you want it to be. Discounts for the summer session will also be provided to all participants.

Cost $5 adults, $2 child

For more information or to register, email or call:

Kristen Hench at,  703-250-8149

Abby Kelly at, 703-663-0280

For more information, please Visit Our Facebook Page

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