Here’s a comment I posted on a recent news article/commentary. I welcome your opinions!

Very compelling. 
As a recovered anorexic who was hospitalized three times and lost more than half her life to degrading, obsessive, self-focused and self-afflicting thoughts…as a woman who couldn’t appreciate beauty in anyone because she’d lost the view of it in herself…as the daughter who wounded her parents with (as you accurately describe) her absolute resolve to continue her starving behaviors…as the sister who collected letters from her baby sister covered in tears and fears of losing her big sister… as THIS person, I hate these “thinspo” pictures and pro-ana websites. They grate on my heart and invoke fear for the next generation of young girls like bile in my throat. 
Anorexia, an eating disorder is NOT fun. It is NOT fulfilling. It is NOT inspirational. In the midst of an eating disorder, misery actively murders…See More

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