Fear’s Farce

I finally figured out fear. 

If I had no future, then I wouldn’t be afraid. 

If no phantom fat, floated in the future – 

What would there be to fear?

That’s what’s frightening. 

With no future, there’s no forever. 

With no forever, why live now?

For if forever lingers out there, 

I can’t fail now. 

I am frightened of failing today, 

For the fearful possibility of ruining tomorrow, then forever. 

Fear not. 


Am I willing to throw away forever

That I might find freedom to fill up today 

With fun, feasting, faith, friendship?

Will I float forever to the faithful arms of God?

Will I fill up today with faith, friendship, fun, feasting 

On the table prepared before me

In the presence of my fear?

Run hard into the future and laugh?

To find that goodness and mercy follow me?Image

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