Watch Your Mouth in KY

Whose speech is free?

Apparently not that of a Christian business.

In March 2012, Blain Adamson, owner of Hands On Originals in Lexington, KY, declined to print t-shirts ordered by the Gay and Lesbian Service Organization for use in the upcoming Lexington Pride Festival. Adamson rightly believes that to print the t-shirts would indicate his company’s advocacy of the GLSO’s political message. So, he secured an equal quote for printing services at another local printing company and suggested the GLSO use them.

Then Hell broke loose. The GLSO immediately filed a complaint with Lexington’s Human Rights Commission, against Hands On Originals, stating that the company was discriminating against them. Suddenly, not only is Adamson willingly passing up income in order to be true to his Christian values, he is facing legal action and public vilification that may negatively affect his business for years to come.

So, let’s look at the facts:

In the freest nation in the world, a Christian business man is not allowed to decline service to an organization whose message he does not support. But, a restaurant has the right to decline service to a patron who refuses to wear shoes or a shirt. In July 2011, a restaurant in Pennsylvania decided to ban children under 6-years-old because of the potential for disruptive behavior. Isn’t that age discrimination?

Adamson’s company, Hands On Originals, currently employs homosexuals and has no policy against providing printing services to them.

“Notably, HOO has filled past orders for customers who it knew identified as homosexual and will continue to do so in the future,” the response adds. “In addition, HOO has hired, currently employs, and will continue to employ individuals who identify as homosexual.”

Adamson is by no means prohibiting the GLSO’s freedom of expression, as he willingly provided them with an affordable alternative.

Fortunately, the Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian legal alliance defending religious liberty, sanctity of life, marriage, and the family, has filed a response in defense of Hands On Originals. Now, the ball is in play, and it’s anybody’s guess what happens from here. Recently, the cultural trend is to minimize Christian influence in the public arena.

Praise the Lord, in the US, it isn’t likely that someone will torch Adamson’s property, and Christians aren’t forced to post security around their churches. See two of last month’s posts: April 23,  and April 27. But the definitions of freedom are getting blurry and the exercise of personal rights is often criticized.

In Adamson’s shoes, what would you do?

9 thoughts on “Watch Your Mouth in KY

  1. Your statement,,,Recently, the cultural trend is to minimize Christian influence in the public arena….is very true! I’m living proof. I was fired from Penn State University as an administrative assistant on August 31,2011 for my Christian expression. Things started spiraling downward for me in the fall of 09 after I was made to remove a quote about Thanksgiving to God from my email. Email tags were not prohibited and Gandhi quotes freely abound. So when I was asked to remove the quote due to its religious content I was appalled. A year later the following November I was made to remove a Longfellow quote containing the word God. At this point I called the Alliance Defense Fund and they put me in touch with an attorney. Unfortunately the atty failed to reply to me after a few months and the heat was really was turned up on me at work. I was actually told by my supervisor, “When you work for Penn State you lose your freedom of speechm”. The politically correct culture on campuses has made Christian expression nearly obsolete due to the so-called separation of church and state.
    Our executive director was Hindu and during a holiday luncheon provided by our unit she sat across from me talking about her Hindu wedding rituals. This was two months after forbidding my use of the Longfellow quote. I was appalled at the hypocrisy of that. She could freely express her rituals and I was not allowed to express my faith through a quote from a famous American poet?!

    Anyway, I was warned of possible termination proceedings if my “insubordinate” behavior did not cease since I was questioning the way they were treating me. In May of 2011, a coworder came to my work area and began a disussion about the ophrase on God We Trust on the money. H
    e pulled a dollar bill out of his pocket and began expressing his dislike of the phrase. We were not busy since Spring finals were over so I took him to the U.S.Treasury website and we were discussing the historical facts about the phrase. I defended the Christian influence within our nation’s history and he became irate and accusatory. At the end of the conversation our supervisor reprimanded only ME for discussing Christian topics. I was placed on a 3 month probation period as a result. At the end of this 3 months they terminated me for my “faith-based comments” which were deemed “disrespectful and inappropriate for the workplace and would not be tolerated.” The hypocrisy of today’s diversity and tolerance initiatives on universities have created an open forum for any kind of view EXCEPT the Christian view. It’s considered narrow-minded and offensive to gays and all other religious or non-religious views. The marketplace of ideas that a university is supposed to represent is NOT a free market in many respects!!

    I’m trying hard to battle this but it has been extremely difficult. It is a David/Goliath battle. I’m a single mother and have been forced back on public assistance while I now have to help my daughter by babysitting my 3 year. old grandson. They denied my unemployment claim twice and I appealed a third time but have not yet heard back from them regarding another hearing. It’s been eight months! It’s cruel, unjust and heartless!! This is supposed to be a FREE country, but political correctness and the gay agenda have eliminated the expression of Christianity since it is deemed too offensive to Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and radical atheists who want to secularize this entire nation and eradicate all references to God.

    Therefore, please pray for me.

    Thank you and God bless you,
    Barbara Davis

  2. I sincerely apologize for the typos in my precious post. I’m using my Blackberry and it often is difficult to type with this small keyboard. I don’t know how anyone without nails could use this device.

    Anyway, I meant we discussed “In God We Trust” not “On”. Thank you for this blog. It seems right up my alley since you’re discussing increasing Christian persecution in the U.S.! The radical same-sex marriage agenda is forcing Christian expression out. Look at the schools in NYC being forced out of public schools since gay marriage was legalized in that state. They want no reminder whatsoever that their behavior is not approved of by God. There were MANY gays and lesbians in the upper level staff positions in my unit at Penn State. Therefore, the word God in a quote on my email was forbidden in case other staff members might read it and become offended. During a meeting where I was being screamed at, my exec director was literally within inches of my face and kept looking down at my cross necklace. I was just waiting for her to forbid me from wearing it, but she didn’t. I could tell she really wanted to, though. She probably figured that would be crossing the line, no pun intended.

    Thanks again!

    1. Barb,
      You can be sure that we will be praying for you. I’ve heard so many similar stories as I researched this series of posts. Please keep us posted as to how you are doing!

      1. Thank you so much for your reply, Abby. I deeply appreciate your prayers. It has been anyone extremely difficult several months. I honestly don’t know what has happened to our country!! Political correctness is destroying the very foundation of religious freedom we were grounded upon. Universities are very hostile to the faith. They basically view evolution as fact and religion as fallacy. Many arrogantly view Christians as fools who believe in fairy tales. They give more credence to Wiccans. It’s a far cry from what universities themselves were originally founded for. L3ongellow was a Harvard professor and it’s totally absurd that his words would be banned!!!

      2. Sorry, I’m using a new touch screen phone and I’m not used to it, at all!! Its so frustrating! Anyway, I just received denial of my second unemployment appeal. Not surprising! They continue to claim my standard of behavior was insubordinate even though I was clearly denied my right to free speech due to using quotes glorifying God more than once, and since I questioned denial of such, they retaliated and fired me. This is so unjust -especially since our country was founded upon freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Political correctness is destroying.

      3. In case anyone is skeptical of whether or not my case is truly based upon anti-Christian discrimination, consider this sentence written in a memo following my last meeting to determine whether I was to be terminated:

        Penn State wrote: “Iinjecting faith-based comments into conversations is action which is unacceptable behavior in the workplace and will not be tolerated.”

        Eight days after that was written, they terminated me. Is that statement not clearly anti-
        faith, antifreeze speech?

  3. Grrr! I hate this new phone! It auto-corrected and typed antifreeze but I typed anti-free speech. Sorry!

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