Too Close To Home

 For years, he rang the bells of his church as an expression of praise to God – until the city of Phoenix wrongly determined that the bells violated a local noise ordinance. As a result, a judge sentenced Bishop Painter to jail!

In Michigan, the radical group “Bash Back” invaded Mount Hope Church and disrupted a church service while showering the congregation with propaganda on homosexual behavior.

A straight-A student at Tomah High School in Wisconsin drew a picture in art class containing a cross and Scripture reference. His teacher removed the drawing from the classroom display and gave him a zero for the assignment, a formal reprimand, and two days of detention. Why? Because his art work depicted religious beliefs, which violated the school’s unconstitutional policy.

It’s tempting and hopeful to think that religious freedom is only shrinking in small aspects of life in America. Maybe it’s just in public universities. Maybe it’s only happening in extremely liberal cities. Maybe it’s not that bad. After all, our lives as Christians aren’t threatened in the United States. Praise the Lord that’s still true. But, the above stories are true. They are real cases that the Alliance Defense Fund has litigated.

During the last week of April, we discussed some terrible stories of religious persecution worldwide. What are we going to do to protect our religious freedom in America – arguably, in history, the defining characteristic of our nation?

“If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”
– President Ronald Reagan

5 thoughts on “Too Close To Home

  1. Christians, with the help of groups like Alliance Defense Fund, must stand against persecution. I firmly believe the practice of turning the other cheek is for our brothers and sisters in Christ, not those who persecute us for our beliefs.
    Good post, Abby!

  2. I was recently reminded to pray for a man whose kids I grew up with, haven’t seen in years, but from whom I learned as much about Jesus as I did from anyone. This gentle man is now serving an undeserved prison sentence related to his stand for Jesus Christ.
    How convicting that I can be so comfortable as to forget to pray even for someone I know.

  3. Militant secularists and radicals promoting the gay agenda are running and ruining this country. The separation of church and state mentality has many people brainwashed. Our Founders were God-fearing men who incorporated godly principles into our founding documents and openly acknowledged God and His Providence. Therefore, there is not a separation of God from our government, but the devil has worked through unbelievers using this false concept to effectively silence God’s people in this culture.

    “We must obey God rather than man.” Acts 5:29. If we are to remain a truly free nation keeping freedom of speech and freedom of religion intact, we MUST continue to stand firmly for Truth and battle the cultural injustices that are seeking to remove God from everything.

    President Obama’s recent announcement that he supports same sex marriage is going to empower them even more and force the Christian influence out of this country.

  4. It’s very troubling that in our multicultural society, Christian expression is being censored in the name of diversity. True diversity is a respect for all faiths. Yet it plays out as a rejection against Christian expression as they use the so-called separation of church and state to justify it. If a Muslim or Hindu or Wiccan wants to express themselves today in public, they are protected and given free reign. But let a Christian student/person do the same.and they get in trouble! Freedom of religion in America was NOT designed for those groups!! If anything it was originally meant to protect Christians from persecution since freedom to worship God was what the pilgrims were seeking in this new land. It’s very disturbing when you think about how utterly twisted things have become!

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