A Quote From my Setting Captives Free study this morning.

The serpent of sin has bitten you and me! It’s a deadly bite; the venom of sin is running through our veins, and we will die from the fatal wound. But, God erected a cross-like pole, and on that pole He hung a Savior. If we look at the Savior, we will live. We will be cured from the snakebite of sin and we will not perish, but will have everlasting life!

Observe: the people who were bitten by snakes were to believe Moses’ word and simply to look; looking is the cure! Jesus Christ was lifted up on a cross where He died for our sins. LOOK! Do you see Him there? He is being wounded in His hands for the wrong we’ve done with our hands. His feet are pierced because of the wrong places our feet have taken us. He is wearing a crown of thorns because of the wrong thoughts we’ve cherished. His heart is being broken because of the wrong loves we’ve had. LOOK! There He is! Do you see Him there on the cross? He’s our cure! Look, believe and live!

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