Dennis Jernigan on Trust


Trust is confidence in something or someone. Trust can also be defined as reliance on something or someone. To rely on Jesus means we believe He is Who He says He is and that He will do what He says He will do. To rely on Jesus is to believe He loves us and that He desires only what is good for us. I rely on my vehicle to get me places…but sometimes that vehicle lets me down and leaves me stranded! Jesus has never once left me stranded – even when if felt like He had! My point? Jesus uses everything in our lives to bring about a greater awareness of our true identity in Him. He wastes nothing. Feeling stranded today? Look around. Jesus is up to all good! See what He sees and rely on Him there.

In the darkest days of my eating disorder, my mom once told me that she felt Mr. Jernigan’s song about overcoming was “my” song. Still, his music is where I turn when I want to worship heart-to-heart with Jesus. Enjoy!

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