An echo in my spirit,

Like a pulsing in my chest,

An ache in my soul.

Life struck

by felt-bound hammer, and

Days pounded repeatedly, my

Pain cloaked in mercy.

Your Spirit sings near me and

Tremors erupt in my belly.

Notes of resonance, harmony.

Your voice beckons all my straining

Peels the silence away.

With strikes and songs, strokes and pelts.

You coax the music of my life

To resonate and harmonize

Where beauty lay cold and shrouded under cobwebs. 

Abandoned, deemed useless and out of tune.

You stood nearby and hung your notes between us.

I felt the rumble in my belly –

chords of life vibrating with mysterious life. Creator Life.

Then Jesus, you sat and touched the keys,

Pulled your fingers down the dusty keys,

And crescendo followed trill as songs I long thought died

came forth.

6 thoughts on “Resonance

  1. This was so wonderful to read. I love the piano; though I don’t play myself. My mother was the church’s pianist and my father its pastor for years. They were so in love with Jesus and they served Him to their dying day.
    My oldest sister and younger brother can also play, not just the piano, but almost any instrument they pick up.
    Music; playing an instrument or using our voices are gifts that God gave us and when we were younger my mom always said that part of praising God was using our gifts for Him. So no matter what struggle we were going through or even if we were supremely happy, we would gather around the piano and we’d all sing, clap and play whatever instrument had been thrust into our hands, I always got the tambourine. LOL! We always harmonized for God and hoped that our gift of song for Him was acceptable and I believe it was.
    My mom and dad have been gone a few years now and I’m a lot older than I was, but I still sing with the praise and worship team at church, my little brother sings and plays guitar or whatever instrument is placed in his hands and my older brother is now a pastor and his entire family is involved in serving God.
    Your poem and the pictures together just brought everything back to me so vividly as if it was yesterday; all wonderful memories.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us; praying you have a blessed day!

    1. You just boosted my enthusiasm all over again. I just bought a keyboard and I’m going to take piano lessons again!!! Bless you!

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