I Am Not The God of the Weather – thank goodness!

I’m pretty sure God’s not in the business of embarrassing us, but I’m pretty good at embarrassing myself.

I think I just realized that I’m not the god of the weather. 

I’ve sat through some pretty hefty storms since my husband and I began living on one coast or the other. And Sandy here, promises to be a match for every last one of them. Though not really afraid, I have always sat on pins and needles – waiting for the power to go out.

Resentment mounts in me as people talk about how terrible the weather is going to be, how long we’ll be without power, how expensive repairs will be, how much we ought to stockpile. And I hate it. Somehow, I blame them as if the more they talk about they are forcing its reality. There’s some little niggling idea in my head that if I hate the inconvenience enough, wish hard enough and beg Mother Earth sincerely enough – we won’t lose power.

(I know, that’s not the worst thing in the world, but you have to admit it’s annoying.)

Today is different. I feel a little like Peter. Right now, I’m staring at Jesus. And I’m amazed!

Who is like you Oh Lord?

Awesome in power, robed in majesty!

Who can bend the trees like noodles and shake loose the leaves like

rust-colored snow?

Who else walks on water and scuffs waves with his toe

Causing storm surge and waves of shear might?

Who is like you?

And as long as I look out my window and see the mighty, awesome, love of my God, and feel the spectacular, humbling realization that the God who loves me is THIS big – I don’t care if I lose power.

This may not seem profound to anyone, but me, but I felt compelled to confess before the world the AWESOME, MIGHTY, UNPARALLELED POWER OF MY FATHER!! He is MINE – Oh how great a Salvation is Jesus Christ!

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