TRUE Love, just a few thoughts mine and others…


Love is not blind.

She is not oblivious or weak or deluded.

Love’s heart, soul, mind and strength

Are sufficient to grasp and retrieve eternity.

Love compels and draws

The blind as they crush with wild abandon

Toward any scent of love.

Like starving beasts tracking an elusive prey

Loveless, they devour every attractive morsel.

Satiated for a moment

Just shy of real love, My love.


Note, the wickedness of men before conversion is no bar to their regeneration and reconciliation to God. The blood of Christ, and the washing of regeneration, can purge away all guilt and defilement. Note, none are cleansed from the guilt of sin, and reconciled to God through Christ, but those who are also sanctified by His Spirit. All who are made righteous in the sight of God are made holy by the grace of God. Matthew Henry Commentary


The story is told of Augustine who passed a familiar prostitute without turning a second glance at her. She turned and said, “Augustine, it is I.” To which he replied, “Yes, but it is not I.” He knew the truth that he was not who he used to be. Do you? One of our course members signs his emails, “Not I, Not Ever!”

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