Trusting in God’s sovereign timing of everything, I can only assume that my computer got “sick” because I’m headed to visit my family for the holidays and if my computer was feeling up to it, I would take him with me. That usually leads to lost moments, wasted time and a preasure to go write. As it is, my computer will be visitng the Apple doctor until at least next Monday.

I’m borrowing my husband’s computer at the moment and will soon be relegated to digital Siberia (only my iPhone for connection.) In the meantime, I hope you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving and do everything possible to be competely present with those you love.

When I return, I will be writing a review of the book, Church Behind the Wire, by Barnabas Mam. Also, I have some continued thoughts on mercy, injustice and justice. I’m excited to digest these things with you.

Until then, a teaser:

Worn and weary, though mere years old,

His scars and hope the story told.

Of grit and grim and heart and grace,

As life moved on at tortured pace.

To call on Jesus amidst such pain,

Is life to lose and life to gain.



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