I just re-read this, and it ignited my heart once more. I love you, Savior!

Going Beyond Belief

Happy Valentine’s Day Jesus.  A day late, I know.  Forgive me that I failed to remember!  I have gotten over expecting anything from my husband, alternatively, he doesn’t expect anything from me.  It is an over-hyped holiday.  Like a giant red mylar balloon puffed to capacity.  It floats over every young girl’s head.  If she is lucky, it is aloud to grow for a few seasons.  Then, its seams stretch just before it explodes with a world-crashing sound.  Unlike a pinata, no pink and red candy rains down.  The boom has no glory, and that sends her into bitter man-hatred for an equal number of years.


But I don’t mean to be negative.  I have been given the greatest love imaginable.  The manliest of men, a brawny carpenter is the love of my life.  It happened 23 years ago, I’m so proud of that anniversary and our longevity, but…

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